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How can I Back British Farming?

There are lots of reasons to Back British Farming – but on a day-to-day basis what can you do to show your support?

Tell me how I can...

buy British food | back British farmers | inspire the next generation | get free recipes | visit a farm


Our stunning new interactive food flag is an out-and-out celebration of all of the beautiful produce that British farmers and growers deliver during harvest each and every year. Read more about the farmers behind our food.

Make a mouth watering difference - buy British food

Choose British food and drink when shopping. Sounds simple right? Sometimes it can be tricky.

Use our supermarket guide to find out where you can buy British food

Where can i buy British food?_32385

Our guide looks at each major food category, and lists which retailers are sourcing British for their own-brand products so you can choose to Back British Farming with your shopping choices.

Look at food labels

Red Tractor Logo

Food packaging and labels can tell you a lot about the product - from country of origin, to how it was produced.

The Red Tractor logo is a guarantee you are buying quality food and drink. Combined with the Union flag, it's a sure way to know the product can be traced back to British farms.

British Lion Eggs_29816The British Lion is the UK's most successful food safety mark with nearly 90% of UK eggs now produced within the Lion scheme.

Eat seasonal food!

What's in season web icon_29666

Eating seasonal produce is a great way to back British farming.

Our seaonality chart is your guide to which British fruit and vegetables you can buy in the shops now.     

Ask more questions

Back British Farming butcher_33402

Butcher's buying guide

If you prefer to shop at your local butchers, find out the top 5 things you should be asking to make sure you are backing British farming.

Can’t find a seasonal British ingredient on your supermarket shelf or got a menu that seems a bit vague about country of origin? Ask the manager where the food is from – and vote with your feet if you’re not happy with the answer.

Backing British farmers

Want to know more about how you can back the people producing our food?

British lamb image_28691

Find out everything you need to know about British lamb including a buying guide, information on lamb cuts, recipes, and matching beer with lamb.

Back British Farming, Back British Dairy Farmers_24919

As well as producing milk, British dairy farmers' produce is used to create lots of delicious British dairy products. Find out what you can do to back British dairy farmers here.

header image - intranet_36051

Explore our interactive map to find out where real British dairy ice cream shops are across the country as well as a bit more information on the dairy farmers, who keep their cows happy and healthy. Read more here.

Bouquet of british flowers + bbf logo_36374

Back British flower growers too!

With just 10% of flowers sold in the UK being home grown, how do you know that you are buying British?

Find out how you can show your support and buy British blooms.

Pocket guide to the British hills and uplands leflet side A_28494

The British hills and uplands are one of the most iconic farmed landscapes in the country.

Learn more about these beautiful parts of Britain with our new pocket guide and find out how you can play your part in helping them thrive.

Love your countryside web image_29683

Love Your Countryside

Our Love Your Countryside campaign highlights how to enjoy the British countryside responsibly.

As well as raising the profile of these problems which hamper farmers doing their daily jobs, the campaign offers practical steps we can all take to help tackle these issues.

More ways you can back British farming...

Newsletter image_28313

Join our growing community of back British farming supporters.

We promise to keep you up-to-date with all of our Back British Farming news through our monthly e-newsletter.

Why Farming Matters Education BBF_615_440

Download a primary school pack

Inspire the next generation with our new Why Farming Matters digital resources.

Find videos, images, activities and information for primary school children at

Adam-  Let's Talk Farming Roadshow -3_36361

Catch the Let's Talk Farming Roadshow

Our Let’s Talk Farming roadshow travels the length and breadth of the country visiting schools, shows, fairs and food festivals telling youngsters where their food comes from.

Find out where you can see it here.

Diet Coke chicken_16775

Get free recipes

Use seasonal British produce to create tasty meals for you or the whole family. There’s lots of inspiration out there – here are links to recipes from websites we know and love:

Love Chicken website

For more information about milk and dairy farms visit This is Dairy Farming.

Adam Lets Talk Farming Roadshow _36359

Get free resources

Be a leader and help spread the word. Creating a farming display at a local event or community club? We’ve got a range of promotional items aimed at both adults and children.


Get social

Join the daily conversation - and #BackBritishFarming on social media.

Follow and Like us on Facebook | Twitter | InstagramYou Tube | LinkedIn.

field banner mock up, nfu campaigns, february 2016_32894

Back British farmers in 2016!

With 2016 being the Year of British Food, this is the perfect time to show your support.

Here are 10 easy ways you can show your support.


Visit a farm

Lots of farms open their doors to the public and it’s a great opportunity to learn how our food is produced.

Open Farm Sunday is held every June and hundreds of farms take part – find out more at The NFU is proud to have been a sponsor of Open Farm Sunday since it started in 2006.

Young Dairy farmer for blog_27619

Be part of it

Working in farming doesn't have to mean working on one. There are lots of exciting careers offering huge variety highly skilled and ambitious people - from engineers and scientists to farm managers and vets. Find out more at

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