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Let's Talk Farming roadshow

Adam Jones Lets Talk Farming Roadshow_33824

‘Let’s Talk Farming’ engages children (and adults!) across England and Wales, with facts and figures about food provenance and the hard work British farmers do 365 days a year to produce food for the nation.

The Let’s Talk Farming Roadshow travels the country from spring to autumn, attending school events, county shows, food festivals and more.

Annabelle, the ever-popular model dairy cow, is always on hand to help illustrate the food to fork journey.

Let’s Talk Farming offers a range of useful resources to help teach children about food and farming including activity booklets, stickers, leaflets and more fun items that promote why we should Back British Farming. These are available for free online or print copies can be requested from the campaigns team here.

View the 2016 Roadshow Schedule here.

Why Farming Matters Primary School Teaching Packs

The Why Farming Matters digital teaching resources, produced in collaboration with FACE (Farming and Countryside Education) are a great way to get teachers and schoolchildren thinking about food and farming in the classroom. These videos, posters and suggested activities are tailored to meet primary school curriculum objectives. The teaching resources are all available for free online by clicking here. Teachers can request print copies for their classroom by contacting FACE.

Red Tractor

Let’s Talk Farming works closely with Red Tractor, a food assurance scheme which covers production standards developed by experts on safety, hygiene, animal welfare and the environment amongst other things. The Union flag with the Red Tractor logo guarantees that the food has been produced on a British farm. Find out more about Red Tractor here.

The Sheep Show

The NFU is a proud sponsor of The Sheep Show – a unique stage show providing edu-tainement for the whole family. The Sheep Show tours the country and features presenters to educate the crowd by introducing nine breeds of sheep onto stage before providing a sheep shearing demonstration and finally persuading the woolly creatures to don their dancing shoes!

Discover all about The Sheep Show here.

FACE - Farming and Countryside Education

The NFU is a principal sponsor of FACE, a charity that aims to educate children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.

Working with schools and farmers, FACE helps facilitate farm visits, introducing children to rural activities and career opportunities, while linking in to the school curriculum.

Find out more about FACE and their work here.

Bright Crop

Bright Crop promotes a wide range of career opportunities in farming to young people.

Farming relies on fresh young talent entering the industry to help feed our growing population in the years to come. The NFU is a supporter of the initiative.

Find out about Bright Crop here.

The British Nutrition Foundation

The British Nutrition Foundation promotes healthy eating, cooking, food and farming to children and young people between three and 16 years-old through Food – A Fact Of Life.

A wealth of progressive, stimulating resources are available to help deliver consistent and up-to-date messages to children and young people, linking in with the UK curriculum.

Visit the Food – A Fact Of Life. The NFU supports Healthy Eating Week in schools in June every year.

The NFU has partnered with FACE to bring this short virtual farm tour around Warwickshire beef and cereal farmer Henry's farm. Discover the variety of different foods grown on the farm and also the wildlife that live there too.

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