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  • Posted by: RichardPosted on: 21/10/2016 13:32:45

    Comment: We need to do more to promote British Farming and British produce. Post-Brexit all we hear is 'doom and gloom' so now is the time to show that we can produce goods that people want and stop importing foods that we have in the UK. Why is Co-op say they are supporting the Charter do they stock Danish Bacon ? I make sure I buy my bacon from Aldi or Morrisons so 'cut my nose off to spite my face' but we need to take a stand. I am calling for a new campaign to get goods made/produced in Britain in British shops - good for animal welfare and good for the environment !
  • Posted by: NeilPosted on: 29/11/2016 17:52:55

    Comment: Buy local food to support local farms and to minimise transportation!
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