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The Back British Farming Flag

One iconic Back British Farming image, scores of farming stories. Click on the picture to open. Then scroll around to meet the farmers behind the flag.

Back British Farming Flag
Arable Family Farm     Hops      Renewables     Andy Green Eggs TomatoesTractor

Farm manager Jake might be the one who is behind the pint of Carling you enjoy on a weekend or the lamb joint you buy in Sainsbury’s. Find out more here.

Three generations – one arable and beef farm! This family has been in farming since 1834. Find out more here.

NFU’s British Farmer and Grower magazine.

Did you know that British cereal farmers are among the most productive and efficient in the world? Cereal yields have tripled in the last 50 years, with Britain holding the world record wheat yield. Plant breeders continue to develop types of wheat that produce more grain, and crop scientists and advisers are helping farmers develop even more efficient growing methods – including the exciting advancement of precision farming.

Discover more about the countryside with NFU Countryside.

Find out more about this soft fruit and blackcurrant producer who supplies some of the biggest supermarket names in the business. Click here.

Ever wonder where your pint of cider comes from? Well, it might originate from Stocks Farm – they supply some major names and retailers. More about Stocks Farm here.

Sometimes you need to diversify to survive, and that’s just what the Kerton’s did – into ice cream. They now supply some of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK. Find out more here.

Some great British meat facts. 1.3 million tonnes of chicken meat was eaten in the UK last year (2012) – 47 per cent of all meat eaten in the UK. Last year in England alone, the red meat industry made a net contribution of £1.67 billion to the economy. Every day, five million Britons will eat sausages, using pork meat produced to some of the highest standards in the world.

Did you know that around 5 billion litres of milk are sold in Britain each year and we consume an average of 1.6 litres each a week? On top of that, 6 billion litres go into dairy products such as cheese, butter and dried powder, which are vital components of many other food products.

An excellent example of a mixed farm if ever there was one, find out more about the Rowberry’s range of products – from flowers to pigs. Click here.

Bal Padda’s family has won multiple awards and the company supplies one of the world’s biggest supermarket chains with top class soft fruit. Click here.

A major figure in the young farmers movement and possibly the first commercial grower of willow trees for energy in the UK. More about Lionel’s farm here.

This man came up with the idea of woollen coffins and has the largest Charmoise sheep flock in the country. Find out more here.

#studentfarmer magazine.

British sugar beet farmers have a great story to share - here are a few interesting facts: 1) Since 1982 pesticides application has reduced by 60%. 2) 25% reduction of energy used to make a tonne of sugar since 1990. 3) Over three decades, UK sugar beet yields have risen from 7 tonnes to over 11 tonnes of sugar per hectare. 4) Sugar beet provides an ideal breeding ground for grey partridges.

Want to find a delicious turkey from a local farmer which will be the crowning glory of your Christmas Day meal? Visit the UK Turkeys website where you can search for your local turkey farm, get cooking tips and meet the British farmers who produce such great quality birds.

Many people enter the farming world through tenancy agreements – and so did Andy and sister Sarah. Find out more here.

Find out more about this sixth generation farmer who keeps 120,000 laying hens. Click here.

Did you know that Nigel Bartle’s farm takes all the waste heat from the chemical industry in Teeside to heat his greenhouses? More about Nigel’s farm here.

With thanks to AGCO and Massey Ferguson for kindly supplying the red tractor in this image, and to all of our other suppliers. See the full list here.


The making of our Back British Farming Flag

What do you get if you add together 200 farmers, a field, a tractor and hundreds of red, white and blue food and drink props representing every sector of British farming? An enormous Union Flag of course!

Back British Farming stamp logo sq 200px

Farmers are passionate, proud and dedicated to provide the best quality produce for you every single day of the year. So as part of our Back British Farming campaign we joined up with the Worcestershire Young Farmers Clubs to create this iconic image and remind the country of the vital role farmers play in keeping us all fed – as well as delivering lots of environmental and economic benefits to Britain.

Click on the image above and explore stories of the farmers who make up the flag.

Download a copy of the Back British Farming flag here.


This photo was made possible thanks to the following...

Thank you to Mr Green who kindly let us borrow his field | Meat donated by Mike and Joanna Harper at Top Barn Harvest Shop | Cheese donated by the Appleby family at Appleby’s Cheese | Milk donated by Mark Elliot at Grove Wood Farm Dairy | Beer donated by Alex Ridgeway at Slaughterhouse Brewery | Ariel video footage donated by Steve field at Skypod | Tractor supplied by Agco and Massey Ferguson | Tomatoes donated by Nigel Bartle of North Bank Growers | Apples and hops donated by Ali and Richard Capper of Stocks Farm | Potatoes donated by Stephen Watkins | Soft fruits donated by Anthony Snell of A J & C I Snell | Strawberries donated by Bal Padda of Vicarage Nurseries | Flowers donated by Chris Rowberry of Rowberry’s | Lamb and Barley donated by Tanya Robbins | Willow donated by Lionel Hill of AF Hill and Son | Straw bales supplied by Peter Phillips | Courgettes and pumpkins supplied by D. Southall and Sons | Sheep Fleece supplied by Matthew Hodgetts | Ice cream tubs supplied by Mike Davies and Gillian Kerton of Churchfields Farmhouse Ice Cream | Eggs supplied by Duncan Priestner | Crop grain and stalks supplied by Jake Freestone of Overbury Farms | Herbs supplied by Margaret Herbert of Red Deer Herbs

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