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Dominic Dyer apology to NFU

Dominic Dyer has issued an apology to the NFU on the Care for the Wild website in the following terms:

'In a series of press appearances and tweets on and around 14 October 2013, I raised my concerns about the unlawful gassing of badgers, following an investigation into this practice which was broadcast by Sky News.

'I remain concerned about unlawful gassing, but I accept that in raising my concerns, I made a number of unsubstantiated allegations about the knowledge and complicity of the National Farmers Union and its officeholder Peter Kendall in the gassing of badgers, for which I had no foundation.

'I withdraw those allegations, and I apologise unreservedly for making the comments in question.'

Dominic Dyer

Here is a link to the statement on the Care for the Wild:


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