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Flooding: How you can help


Flooding in the South West February 2014, SomersetFarmers, particularly those in the South West and South East, are facing unprecedented flooding which has seen thousands of acres of land underwater. Parts of Somerset have been submerged for weeks.

Here's how you can help and what we're doing.

Winter flooding on the Somerset levels_275_183What's the latest?

The Environment Agency issues flood warnings and alerts for the UK. Get full details of the latest situation here.

Get the latest weather updates from the Met Office here.

How you can help -

January 2014 floods Morfa Mawr_800_600

The NFU in the South West is appealing to the rural community in other parts of the UK not to set off on fodder ‘treks’ to help flood-stricken farmers and their stock in the region, but rather  to pledge offers of fodder feed and straw by calling the South West NFU office.

NFU regional director Melanie Squires described the response so far as “magnificent” and offered “huge thanks” for the support.

But she added: “What we now need are the pledges of fodder or straw, rather than the actual deliveries, so that we can call upon people’s generosity as and when it is required over the coming weeks and months, when the waters finally abate and farmers return to face a fetid swamp.”

“Anyone who wants to provide fodder and bedding should contact us via c291dGgud2VzdEBuZnUub3JnLnVr or on 01392 440700 so we can log all the offers and match them up with those in need when that need arises.”

Please do not to take any more deliveries to the livestock market at Sedgmoor. The market is now at capacity and no more supplies can be accepted


- Farmers in need of fodder, or who have forage to offer, can also check the NFU Fodder Bank here.

- Got other items to donate to those affected by the flood? Call the Red Cross on 01823 273700.

- Please note that the Flooding on the Levels Action Group has now received more donations than it currently needs and cannot accept any more clothes, goods, foods and drinks.

- Meanwhile, our team of NFU staff in the South East are carefully monitoring the situation and the impact of flooding on farming in that region. Where necessary advice and support is being offered. If and when assistance is needed from the wider farming community and the general public, details will be posted on this page.

Click here to see how you've helped so far.


Make a donation

  • The Farm Community Network’s volunteers provide practical and emotional support to farmers and farming families affected by severe flooding and, in the longer term, will also be able to help stand alongside people needing business support. Donate here.
  • The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution can support farming families in Somerset and elsewhere in England and Wales by giving grants from its Emergency Fund to meet the domestic costs of badly affected farmers with no savings to fall back on. Donate here.
  • The Addington Fund can support farming businesses by making a contribution towards haulage costs so there is no hold up in getting vital supplies through. Donate here.
  • Donations can also be made to the Royal Bath and West Show Society and the Somerset Levels Relief Fund,  which are raising money towards water management and for individual, bespoke support respectively.

With the NFU? Remember:

I need fodder...

Contact the NFU South West office via the contact details below.

t: 01392 442700

e: c291dGgud2VzdEBuZnUub3JnLnVr

Check out the NFU Fodder Bank - you can appeal for stocks or list what you have to sell here

If you are an NFU member and you are affected by the floods our team of advisers are here to help. Contact the NFU CallFirst team on 0870 845 8458.

We've also pulled together online guidance about various aspects of farming and severe weather.

And there's our flooding Q&A, which looks at how we've got to this point and what the NFU would like to see done.


Back British!

You can support our farmers at the tills by looking out for British produce during the coming weeks and months.


Get social

Now is a great time to show those affected by the flooding that you are thinking of them and that you Back British Farming. We have had  a huge response on the NFUOnline Facebook page. You can help by sharing this post. Farming Delivers are also keeping the non-farming public up to date. Check their Facebook page and share their posts here.


What we are doing

  • Flooding in the South West February 2014, SomersetWe’re working hard to help our flooded SW farmers by matching local offers of shed space and fodder to those who need it.
  • We’re seeing a high demand for emergency shed space for cattle in the Somerset Levels. We’re working hard to help all those affected.
  • Looking after animals is paramount. We’re working closely with @AHVLA and other experts and agencies on emergency livestock measures in flooded areas.
  • Our team of NFU staff in the South East are carefully monitoring the situation and the impact of flooding on farming in the region. Where necessary advice and support is being offered. If and when assistance is needed from the wider farming community and the general public, details will be posted on this page.

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  • Posted by: Mrs. PearsonPosted on: 07/02/2014 14:29:55

    Comment: why isnt there a televised appeal for the Somerset Levels. I have had to search to find ways to help and why isnt the Government diverting foreign aid funds to our own country's disaster. Absoultly shameful. Please let the farmers know that my heart breaks for them and that all I can do is make a donation which I shall do now. Good Luck.
  • Posted by: Michael ButlerPosted on: 31/12/2015 10:12:53

    Comment: I want to help hands on I can't offer food but I can offer labour to anyone that needs it... I've looked on other sites to find a direct way to contact the people that are most in need but can't find..... please email me I can be with who ever needs my help kind regards Michael butler of Bideford devon
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