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You are here: Archived content - MEPs back improved pig meat hygiene rules

MEPs back improved pig meat hygiene rules

Last updated: 09 Oct 2013

Attempts by some MEPs to block European Commission proposals which would modernise and improve pig meat inspection requirements have been defeated in the European Parliament today (Wednesday), after last minute lobbying from the NFU.

European flags_275_182The commission’s proposed changes were based on a study from the European Food Safety Authority that found the currently required incisions in post-mortem inspection involved a risk of cross-contamination.

To prevent cross-contamination, EFSA said incisions should not be required except when abnormalities are identified through visual inspection.

However the parliament challenged the proposal over fears that the changes could be dangerous – fears that have been rejected by both EFSA and the UK Food Standards Agency.

EU policy adviser for the NFU Rebecca Wells said: “We worked hard with all MEPs and our colleagues in other member states to ensure the resolution, which had been supported by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, was defeated by all MEPs today. We are therefore pleased that MEPs supported the commission’s proposal which takes a science and risk-based approach to inspections.

“Crucially we also believe the outcome of the vote should also set a precedent ahead of the commission’s plans to reform post-mortem carcass inspections for other types of meat.”

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