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Back British Farming this Christmas (2013)

Christmas truly is a celebration of British farming – a showcase of seasonal vegetables, the best British meat and locally grown Christmas trees and plants. Over the festive period our illustration of a farmer’s living room will reveal farming stories, top tips, recipes and photos...

Back British Farming this Christmas logo_275_186Each day until Christmas a new item within the picture will come to life when you scroll over and click on it – so don’t forget to keep coming back. And when you buy all the fresh, seasonal food and drink for Christmas this year remember to Back British Farming!

?Click on the image and start exploring.

Back British Farming
         Christmas Tree

Our guide to British Christmas tree varieties – and how to keep yours in the best condition through to Twelfth Night.

Poinsettias are the iconic plant of Christmas – find out how to keep yours alive well into the new year.

Buying a turkey from a local farm is a great way to Back British Farming this Christmas – find out how yours is only a few clicks away.

Our gift to you - Back British Farming (and save a few quid!) by handing out this FREE Christmas card to your friends and family.

Find out how eggs can be used to make a cracking alcoholic drink – and relieve the subsequent hangover!

Our third gift to you - a festive-themed Back British Farming placemat which you can download for FREE!

Lamb cuts can make real crowd-pleasing meals over Christmas – get all the inspiration and advice you need here.

Who knows more about preparing and cooking your Christmas Day veg than British growers? Get their tips and recipes here.

Gammon, hams, pigs in blankets and streaky bacon…pork has a big role in Christmas cuisine. Get some great cooking tips here – and hear from one family of pork farmers.

Find out how one farmer performed what sounds like a miracle - he turned milk into vodka! We’ve also got a useful guide to the most popular British cheeses.

British farming’s role in producing renewable energy is growing – at the same time as producing Great British food. Hear how one Oxfordshire community are working with a local farmer to generate cleaner energy.

Our second gift to you - printable sprout Christmas tree decorations in four great designs!

Find out how satellite technology is helping arable farmers bring home more of the harvest. We’ve also got a great recipe for a Christmas classic.

Why not showcase British beer this Christmas? Our videos show you how to match British beer with your three-course Christmas dinner – and even make mulled ale!

Do you know how to be sure you are buying British sugar – or how it is made? We’ve also got a fantastic recipe which the whole family will enjoy making…and eating.

If you’re planning a family walk over Christmas you’re likely to pass through farmland. Check out our advice before you set out – it will help you to stay safe and get the best out of your trip.

Sign the Back British Farming Charter

Have you started your Christmas preparations? Does your house look like our festive scene pictured above? Have you been to pick out your tree? Are you tucking into the chocolates on your Advent calendar? Maybe you've been to the butchers to order your Christmas meat?

We'd love to see some pictures of you getting into the Christmas spirit - send them to us here and we'll post the best ones on our Facebook page.

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    Comment: this has been a great page to follow ,I have learnt a lot many thanx x
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