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Fly-tipping affects two-thirds of farmers

Last updated: 13 Apr 2014

We all love the great British countryside, and spoiling the view is a crime.

David King_275_208Fly-tipping is continuing to be a major problem for farmers across the country and this Easter it is the new focus of the NFU’s Love Your Countryside campaign which launched last year.

Take a look at some of your experiences of fly-tipping.

In England alone during 2012/13 there were 711,000 incidents of fly-tipping with a case occurring every 44 seconds. It’s estimated around two thirds of farmers are affected by fly-tipping. Items that are routinely dumped include old fridges, chairs, mattresses, tyres and contaminated waste, with farmers and landowners then left to pay the clean-up bill. A previous study revealed the cost of clearing fly-tipped waste from agricultural land was around £47m.

How you can get involved...

Farmer stories

Read more from these farmers who have had problems with fly-tipping on their farms.

Jason Coad who farms in the South West, has had a thousand tyres, 100 empty gin bottles and a mini rockery wishing well dumped on his farm in the past. Read more...

Hertfordshire farmer, Bill Barr, has had ongoing fly-tipping problems for years. Read more...

David King's farmland on the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk border is a regular target for fly-tippers in the East Anglia region. Read more...

Russell Toothill runs the family farm in Yorkshire and has experienced a wealth of crime related problems including fly-tipping. Read more...

The Enville Estate in the West Midlands suffers fly-tipping incidents on a weekly basis. Read more...

The Essington Fruit Farm near Wolverhampton has experienced problems with fly-tipping. Read more...

Fly tipping poster image_200_282Download and share our campaign poster.

Wish you were here?

Show your support for the campaign and help share our hints and tips on how to dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

Our friends at NFU Countryside magazine have written a great article about fly-tipping: Blot on the landscape.

And why not join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter...


Get your tips on what to do with waste here...

Watch Tripping up Tippers - a great video from the Suffolk Waste Partnership


Here is a photo gallery of fly-tipping problems from around the country.

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People who fly time really have no respect for the countryside and the people who look after it. I caught a gentleman who works in the allied industry emptying his van on one of his customers verges!

Posted By: Mark Yearsley

WE have a byway through the farm, and two travelers sites on our boundary. Perfect for fly-tippers. We get tyres, builders waste, garden waste etc etc. A lot of of it has nothing to do with the travelers, but it is to easy to blame them. The District council are very helpful.

Posted By: J Dixon Smith

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