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What a corker - world's biggest packet of crisps!

Earlier this year, Corkers Crisps sent the first packet of crisps rocketing into space. Never to sit on their laurels, today they have launched the world’s biggest packet of crisps.

Corkers launches world's biggest packet of crips _A TONNE OF FUN!

The giant bag holds one tonne of crisps, and measures over 7m tall and almost 4m wide. Around 19,200 potatoes have gone into this single bag which contains 826,000 crisps!

Corkers is the newest and most sustainable crisp brand on the market. They are 100% British, contain no artificial or MSG products and the flavours are made using only natural British produce.

Corkers World record bag of crisps_170_284And with this latest challenge they are celebrating the big flavours of their delicious crisps.

Managing Director, Rod Garnham explains why: “We are always looking for a challenge and with this one we’ve got a great incentive; we’re raising money for the Liam Fairhurst Foundation – a fantastic local charity for children suffering from terminal cancer.”

The launch on Friday 13th September at Corkers HQ near Ely is followed by a family funfair day on Saturday 14th September from 10am to 5pm, where the public will be able to see the pack and enjoy some local food. “We planned it just as the kids go back to school to give them all something to look forward to! We guarantee they’ll have a great day full of fantastic local food, fun and games as well as entertainment on a humungous scale!”  

While unfortunaly people won't be able to actually taste the world record breaking crisps, they will be processed into cattle feed after the event.


The secret to Corkers’ unique great taste is the attention to detail founders Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham have put into perfecting it.

The premium quality Naturalo potato tastes great but isn’t a familiar sight on our supermarket shelves because it’s just not pretty enough! However, its flavour is exceptional and once sliced and fried it outshines other potatoes. Sustainably farmed in the rich peaty Cambridgeshire soil, the potatoes are harvested and then stored at a temperature that ensures the starch doesn’t turn to sugar. This means that Corkers crisps maintain an authentic potato taste rather than undertones of burnt sugar, which can often be detected in other brands of crisps.

Since they are grown, stored, prepared, cooked and packaged on the farm, a crisp with better provenance would be difficult to find. The result of this attention to detail is a light, delicious crisp that is full of flavour!

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