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The Back British Farming Charter

A decline in self-sufficiency means the UK produces just 60 per cent of its own food.

Our farmers are determined to reverse this trend and produce enough food for the needs of generations to come - but we need politicians, supermarkets, retailers, food processors, restaurants and cafes to play their part to let them do their job.

Has your regular supermarket signed the charter?

Find out which high profile organisations, retailers and food service and manufacturers have signed the charter here.

See which MEPs have signed our "Pledge to Back British Farming in the EU".

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NFU President Raymond said: “Rising consumer demand for British produce means it is crucial that farmers are given support to grow supply.

“With the right policy solutions at an EU and UK Government level and some collaborative supply chain strategies, British growers will be able to increase their productivity to meet this challenge.

“The horse meat scandal of early 2013 illustrated the dangers of long, complex supply chains and many retailers say that they want to work with British farmers to stock more British produce.

“Let’s create an environment which really means farming businesses can invest. Let’s address market failure and iron-out volatility to enable the entire food chain to grow supply.

“Consumers are increasingly showing their support for British farming and are our best ally. I would ask to them to continue showing their support by demanding of their local supermarket, restaurant, or MP - what are you doing to Back British Farming?”

The Back British Farming campaign has a number of key policy asks:

  • The stranglehold of Red Tape is removed from the sector

  • Longer-term trading relationships and an agri-food supply chain with shared objectives and responsibilities

  • Assurances that agriculture has its fair share of water when supplies are under pressure and the ability to invest in better water management in times of plenty

  • There is increased spending for research and development so that valuable science and new technologies are translated from the lab to the field.

  • Farmers have access to the best technologies available, including crop protection products

  • A fiscal policy is developed that encourages farmers to invest in farming infrastructure and technology

  • More measures are in place to encourage new entrants into the agri-sector and give farming a prosperous long-term future

  • All farmers are treated fairly across the EU so that no-one is disadvantaged

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