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Where can I buy British food?

Where can i buy British food?_32385

Choosing British food means you are buying fresh, quality food produced by hardworking British farmers who provide high animal welfare standards, care for the countryside and support our nation's economy.

I'm shopping for British:

Beef & Lamb | Eggs & Poultry | Dairy | Pork | Fruit & Vegetables

But choosing to buy British food is sometimes easier said than done.

Food labelling

Red Tractor Logo_17041Finding country of origin information on food labels can be tricky and some packaging can be misguiding (take a look at our Shopping Guide for some helpful hints on understanding dairy labelling). Looking for the Red Tractor with a Union flag on food packaging is the best way to ensure you are choosing quality food from British farms.

Buying from a local butcher or independent retail shop does not guarantee the food you are buying is British, so it is always important to ask. Find out what questions you should be asking your butcher.

Man reading meat labelling_19962

The role of retailers

Major retailers can play an important part in backing British farming so we're making it easier for you to find British foods at your local supermarket (see which retailers have signed the Back British Farming Charter).

We are asking retailers to be clear and transparent about their sourcing policies for own-brand food products. This will not only allow our farmers to produce for the market, but will also make it easier for the public who choose to buy British.

In the UK, the categories with the highest concentration of own-label sales are: Fruit & Vegetables (almost 100%)¹, Meat, Fish & Poultry (96%) (Source Nielsen Homescan FMCG, 2014.)

Therefore, retailer sourcing policies for own-label products in this respect have an impact on British farmers and growers.

Looking at each major food category, we've listed which retailers are sourcing British for their own-brand products so you can choose to Back British Farming with your shopping choices.

Please note:

The following information is from the NFU's own research and will be updated whenever possible. The NFU works closely with all the major retailers and aims to ensure that our knowledge of retailers’ sourcing policies is as up to date as possible. The information provided is based on a 12 month time period.

In some instances we’ve not been able to obtain the exact details of some retailers’ sourcing policies and this is indicated with a question mark or blank space. We would like all retailers to provide as much clarity as possible.

On behalf of British farmers, we are asking:

  • Retailers to be clear and transparent about how they source British products. This should be underpinned with fair relationships across the whole supply chain.
  • To see British food clearly labelled, with a Red Tractor logo or union flag so that customers can easily identify where the product is sourced from.
  • Every retailer to sign up to the Back British Farming Charter and commit to fair, mutually beneficial and transparent relationships with farmers and growers.
  • Every retailer to sign the NFU Fruit and Veg pledge to commit to fair relationships with farmers and growers.

::Click a food category to find out which retailers are sourcing British for their own-brand products::


Looking for more ways to Back British Farming?

- Inspire the next generation - take a Why Farming Matters Teaching Pack into your local Primary school

- Buy British produce and back British farmers - we've got lots of information and guides to help you


Cook seasonally

Choosing to cook with seasonal produce is a great way to back British farming and to enjoy fresh, quality produce. Find our "What's in Season?" guide here.

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  • Posted by: Mr Stephen GibsonPosted on: 06/11/2016 15:05:12

    Comment: Like many families, we want to optimise our spending on food produce with the least food miles, especially supporting small / medium UK based family businesses, such as the likes of Yeo Valley, rather that the foreign based multinationals such as Nestle and Dr Oetker.

    Basic single element products like vegetables or meat can have the tractor logo. However, what would really help is if food manufacturers and the major supermarkets in their own brand products can clearly identify products which are predominantly, or entirely sourced from the UK. Many products just say "made in the UK" but what constitutes made? Even worse is "product of the EU". You don't have a clue where it comes from or what environmental standards are applicable. Can the NFU or the Government not publish a list of British based food manufactures and their brands?
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