An introduction to the NFUs in Brussels office

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About BAB

The NFU's office in Brussels (the British Agriculture Bureau, or BAB) was set up in 1972 to represent UK farmers in Europe. The office performs a crucial lobbying function for members, focusing on the issues that matter most to UK farmers. We promote and represent the views of our members to the European institutions and other European partners and Brussels stakeholders.

BAB also represents NFU Cymru, NFU Scotland, the Ulster Farmers Union and the National Pig Association.

  • Posted by: Tom MeiklePosted on: 10/11/2017 11:03:31

    Comment: Most Euro MP will be familiar with trade mark products used around the house and garden, if they haven't used them personally they would have seen them on the shop shelf or at the garden center e.g Tumble weed, weedal. They use Glyphosate because it has a high LD level and also breaks down quickly on contact with the ground. Thus making it safer to use than a lot of shampoos. Each European country will have their own brands of the same products. Has it be pointed out to Euro MP`s that if Glyphosate is ban they will as will and the public as a whole will loose these household familiar products.

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