Revised Countryside Code is a breath of fresh air

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Respect, protect and enjoy East Anglia's great outdoors is the message to the public as the Countryside Code is relaunched ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The code has been revised to ensure it is relevant for a modern audience and reflects current land management practices.

NFU Regional Director Gary Ford said: “The Countryside Code has provided useful advice for everyone visiting and enjoying the countryside over many years, but it was time for a refresh.

“We have worked closely with the Government and Natural England on the messaging in the Code to bring it up to date and to help address the recent increase in access-related issues such as keeping to public rights of way, ensuring dogs are under control and that dog waste is binned. We are pleased that many of our recommendations have been included.

NFU Regional Director Gary Ford_77828“East Anglia’s countryside offers a huge range of benefits to the public, including exercise and recreation, the opportunity to learn about where our food comes from and how our stunning landscapes are maintained.

"During the pandemic it has become incredibly important, with thousands of people visiting during lockdown to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

“Many members have told us that their farmland rights of way have never been busier and, as the weather improves and lockdown restrictions ease, we expect this to continue.

"We want the public to enjoy the countryside and to engage with where their food comes from. However, it is important that this access and engagement is achieved in a responsible way, given that much of this land is an active working environment where farmers and growers carry out their daily job of producing our food."

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The NFU has produced a series of infographics to help spread the message about the revised Countryside Code, which can be downloaded here. Members can also order gatepost signs from the NFU, available here. 

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