Food for thought at NFU branch meeting

Cattle grazing in the sunshine_72214

Hertfordshire NFU members warmly welcomed Professor Fred Provenza, author of the book Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us About Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom, to the Barnet & St Albans branch meeting at the end of April. 

Branch chair Gordon Chichester-Miles started an email conversation with Professor Provenza after reading his book during lockdown, and invited him to speak about his research at Utah State University. 

The professor gave a presentation on a wide range of issues covered in the book, from grazing animals that can self-medicate via the species rich grasslands they feed on, to how our perception of flavour and taste has become ‘dulled’ as we eat less diverse diets and that calorie rich ultra-processed foods do little to sate our appetites.

It was a very insightful evening and fantastic that technology made it possible for Professor Provenza to join the meeting from the USA. 

The branch is looking forward to hosting more inspirational speakers like Fred from around the world, in the autumn. Select the link below to view his talk.