HS2 11 May

hs2, header image, nfuonline_30882Louise Staples, NFU HQ Chief Rural Surveyor, spoke at meetings for members at Doncaster and Packington this week.
HS2 Ltd will shortly be offering meetings with farmers and landowners affected by the Phase 2b spur from Birmingham to Leeds. These meetings will be the first bit of information they are going to get from HS2 about land being taken for environmental mitigation, earthworks, and the alignment of major roads. Although HS2 Ltd will not pay for land agents to be present, Louise insisted that it will be good for farmers to attend. It will present an opportunity to find out the proposed land take and query HS2’s plans in preparation for petitioning the Bill in years to come.
Louise reminded members to keep notes of all meetings with HS2 reps including who was present and to make a note of all land surveys undertaken to compare with the schedule of payments made for surveys by HS2 as there may be discrepancies. Farmers affected by Phase 2b must employ a land agent to deal with HS2 otherwise they may lose out on possible compensation payments.

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