Local authority guide to Net Zero & North East farming

Net Zero in the North East Report_77958

A new booklet aimed at local authorities across Yorkshire and the North East provides a guide to agriculture, its Net Zero aspirations and how councils can support that drive.

Designed to complement the national interactive guide launched earlier this year, the North East booklet looks at how local authorities can work with farmers to help them achieve net zero agriculture by 2040.

Featuring a range of different case studies showing how members are already taking action in a practical way to reduce their carbon footprint, the document highlights how farmers and growers across the region are affected by climate change, how they can provide solutions to the challenges the nation faces and the simple measures that local authorities can implement to support this ongoing drive.

This ranges from encouraging the procurement of local produce and delivering a clear and transparent planning system to making sure that tree planting strategies are voluntary and prioritising the management of existing woodland over new planting.

The booklet is being sent to all local authorities with an invitation to attend a virtual briefing with the regional team.