Worrying crime figures for West Yorkshire

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According to the latest rural crime figures released by NFU Mutual, West Yorkshire is the third worst affected county in the country, with rural crime costing in excess of £1.8m in 2017 – an increase of 13.5% in just 12 months.

In total, rural crime cost the North East region around £6.8m in 2017 – down 6.5%, according to NFU Mutual claim figures.

According to West Riding county chairman, Rachel Hallos, the latest figures only serve to emphasise the importance of continuing to prioritise work being done to tackle rural crime.

“West Riding officeholders are only too aware how sick and tired members are of being targeted by what often amounts to organised criminal gangs,” she said. “Along with county adviser Amy Martin, we are forging ever stronger links not just with the police forces directly covering our county, but other surrounding forces too, to make sure there is joined up working wherever possible and a sharing of best practice.

“Although daunting, because there is so much ground to cover, I feel we are making progress. We are getting a more positive response from those urban forces that we know also face an uphill task in towns and cities across South and West Yorkshire. What’s especially pleasing is that despite funding cuts, they are increasingly open to exploring innovative solutions and joint working with the farming community to improve the situation.

“This work will continue, but in the meantime I would also make an appeal to everyone to make sure they report all incidents of crime. New developments make reporting crime ever easier and this is something we have to applaud.”

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