Brexit presents opportunities says President

NFU President Meurig Raymond took part in a post EU referendum debate with Cheshire members at the Vicarage Hotel in Holmes Chapel on Wednesday 6 July.

Approximately 65 members turned out to see if their President could shed any light on what a future for farming might look like outside of the EU.Meurig Raymond talks Brexit in Cheshire_36044

And although our President remains optimistic as ever about the industry, he does have concerns.

“I am concerned the Government doesn’t have the necessary skills at its disposal to negotiate effectively on our behalf. I fear a bad trade deal is worse for British farming than any removal of support,” said Meurig.

“NFU members can be reassured though that we have the power, intellect and resource within our organisation to assist. Every farmer can be an advocate. We all need to get across the importance of food and farming to our elected representatives. Drive the message forward that we are important to the UK economy.”

Member view from after the meeting

Beef farmer Julie Egglestone of Smithy Farm, Congleton, sells direct to the public Beef farmer Julie Egglestone of Smithy Farm, Congleton_36045

“The British public wanted out of Europe so let us hope they now want to support and buy British food. The majority of farmers work hard for their living. We don’t get paid the same as bankers and we don’t get every weekend off.  Regardless of that though we now have to prove our worth to the British public.”

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