Meet the NFU NW officeholder team - Bill Mellor

Bill Mellor - Chairman of the NFU North West Livestock Board

Bill Mellor is a beef and sheep farmer who has 120 acres at Higher Farm in Hazel Grove, Stockport.

He keeps pedigree British Simmental cattle and has a flock of Texel cross sheep. All of the beef and lamb produced on the farm is slaughtered locally and sold directly from the farm via a box scheme. Pedigree young stock is sold directly to both dairy and suckler buyers with some of the finished lambs put through the auction system.Bill Mellor with William Wragg MP_37331

Bill Mellor (left) with his local MP William Wragg

With the farm being in a semi-urban location, Bill is also able to use his land to store a few caravans and has half a dozen horses on DIY livery.

“I make a lot of haylage for the equestrian market which is one huge advantage of being on the urban fringe,” explained Bill.

Married to Julia for 26 years, Bill has two daughters – Victoria and Hannah. Harper Adams graduate Victoria, 24, is a vet technician at Wright & Morten while Hannah has just graduated from Aberystwyth University and has a degree in Agriculture with Animal Science.

Looking at the priorities for his board for the next 12 months, Bill feels the Brexit decision may have a huge impact. He also thinks we must continue to promote Great British beef and lamb via the Red Tractor.

Bill, who gained a degree in Animal Science from Wye College in 1980, says: “Selling lamb into Europe is crucial. Without that market we are in a very difficult place. Diseases TB and Bovine Viral Diarrhoea will also continue to plague the industry in the background. We must stop TB from spreading into the north of the country.”Bill Mellor's pedigree Simmental cattle_37330

Bill's pedigree British Simmental cattle

Bill is the chairman of the eradication implementation group for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) launched on July 1, 2016 with the objective of ridding the industry of this disease.

“I feel very strongly that all livestock farmers should sign up and commit to the eradication of BVD,” adds Bill. To find out more or to sign up visit

As well as his NFU role, Bill is a trustee of Romiley YFC where he helps run livestock displays for their show. He is also one of the founder members of the Lancashire and Greater Manchester Farmer Network which is still going strong.

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