Latest update at 1pm 13 Feb:Cumbrian Water Supply Issue

Here’s the very latest position from United Utilities:

·         They have now been in direct contact with more than 100 farms

·         They have a further 8 static tanks being delivered today

·         A further 25 farms are due a refill to replenish yesterday’s delivery

·         A further 30 farms are being delivered pallets of water

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: "We are now in a much improved position. The pipe was repaired last night and water is now coming back into the network. However, we have 90 million litres of water to refill so this will be done gradually to avoid the risk of a burst and to minimise discolouration, so water should be coming back on over the next two days.

"We do know that thousands have now got water back on and so we are checking in with all the farms to understand whether they now have water or still need support. This situation should continue to get better as we go through today and into tomorrow.

"We are providing advice on how to manage discolouration if customers should expect any – running the tap at a slow and steady trickle until it clears will help but if you have water at the tap it can be used as normal."

Farmers who have concerns about water supply should contact the following number:

EMERGENCY telephone line dedicated to FARMERS with no water 03450726071

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