National Park launch 'pop up' campsite guide

Ahead of this summer’s potential staycation boom, the Lake District National Park Authority has compiled an information pack on how to create a pop-up campsite for this year’s visitors.

A pop-up campsite is the temporary use of a field for a small number of tents, for a maximum of 56 days, to give visitors to the Lake District the chance to enjoy a night under the stars.

No special license is required and as long as no alterations are being made to the property, planning permission isn’t needed. Festival_45795

However, there is a need to carry out a full risk assessment in advance, get suitable insurance, provide toilet and water facilities and arrange litter collection to keep guests and nearby residents safe.

The National Park’s Farming Officer, Andrea Meanwell ran a campsite on her own family farm last year, she said: “Last year we saw an unprecedented number of visitors to the Lake District National Park, many of whom were looking for campsites. If we have more campsite spaces available we will hopefully reduce ‘fly camping’ and litter throughout the park. We are anticipating similar numbers of visitors this year.”

Find out more about farming and using land for campsites in the Lake District at: