NFU Appleby update

Amanda Wallbank & Caroline Raine
t: 01768 351 324
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We thought we would bring you all up to date as to how we are operating at the office.

At the end of March, as a response to lockdown, we closed the office and Caroline, Emilie and Hannah started to work from home.

Amanda and Ruth continued to work in the closed office so that post, printing, and other admin functions could continue without interruption. It also meant that during BPS time we could take forms from the foyer.Cooper from the NFU Appleby office_75066

Caption: This is Cooper - the new addition to our NFU Appleby office

BPS applications were done with a phone call to our members rather than a visit and under the circumstances it went very well. Little did we know at that time that we would have to carry on for so long.

Over the last three months we have gradually brought everyone back and we are all now working fully from the office.

For the safety or our customers and ourselves, we have large screens on the counter and have strict entry restrictions. Hand gel is available before you enter.  

One addition during lockdown is a new member of the team, Cooper.  He is six months old and loves to say hello to everyone. Looking at the picture I am not sure his writing will be very clear though.

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