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West Cheshire & Maelor
Jo Prince, Stuart Chacksfield & 
Ed Crawford
t: 01829 771133
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Just as we managed to get all the staff back and re-open Tattenhall and Hanmer offices at the start of September, within weeks we were told by the Government they should be sent back to work from home again.

So, taking into account this and the second wave, if we can once again ask members not to call into the offices but, contact us by phone or, email for the time being please and likewise, we’ll only look to go on farm if it’s something we can’t deal with over the phone.

With Covid-19 dominating the headlines and having a direct impact on the nation, it’s been easy to forget about the other big economic game changer of our lifetime - Brexit.NFU Chester Team_75067

Hopefully, Boris will give us some certainty as to what the final trade deal, after our transition period finishes on New Year’s Eve, will be shortly. I certainly don’t envy the job of our Prime Minister, having to deal with Covid-19 on top of Brexit.

With everything that’s going on, you could be forgiven for thinking the only certainty now is uncertainty. However, we really must count our blessings that one thing hasn’t changed, which is that people still need food.

The demand for the produce grown and processed in the UK remains strong and we’re glad to see the NFU still focusing on putting the case forward for retaining high food standards in future trade deals to ensure this continues. Thanks go to those members who have supported this through conversations with MPs.

Best wishes from your West Cheshire & Maelor Group Secretaries, Jo, Stuart & Ed.

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