Chernobyl Charity Appeal

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Chernobyl Appeal - Please donate now

This week sees the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on 26 April 1986 that contaminated Belarus and Ukraine, affecting vast areas of Europe. RED 35 is a fund-raising campaign being run by Selborne-based farm businesses, The Lavender Fields, with Barn-Store Alton, Contact - Barn Store ( as one of its tenants is Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline (CCLL).  This British charity supports victims of the Chernobyl disaster, and highlights how communities are suffering 35 years on, now the Covid-19 pandemic poses a higher risk to them owing to their already compromised immune systems. Childhood cancer rates and other medical, social and psychological conditions are far higher here than in unaffected areas. To donate, please follow this link: as Barn-Store Alton and The Lavender Fields have done already. And look out for their fund-raising banner campaign locally.