NFU member feedback on ELMS

NFU South East is running a trial of the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), which got underway this summer.

The first stage of this trial, which is running until November 2021, involved sending a detailed questionnaire to almost 5,000 NFU farmer and grower members in the South East. And more than 400 responded.

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NFU South East Environment and Land Use Adviser Tom Ormesher writes: "We were really pleased, not only with the large numbers of farmers who responded, but also with the insightful written comments provided by our members.

"The overriding feedback told us that the policy needs to be simple, flexible and mainly focussed on a Tier 1, points based system.

"As one farmer put it: 'If you need a farm adviser to help complete the Land Management Plan, it means the requirements are already too complicated.'

"We’ve now taken this guiding feedback and will be working with a focus group of 20 farmers over the next nine months, to design a Land Management Plan (LMP) template that fits NFU member requirements.

"For further details on progress, please see the Stage 1 summary report and full questionnaire report on the links below.

"If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email us," adds Mr Ormesher. Comments can be emailed to: c291dGguZWFzdEBuZnUub3JnLnVr


Stage 1 Summary Report  NFU SE ELMS Stage 1 Summary Report

Member Questionnaire Report  NFU SE ELMS Stage 1 Trial Questionnaire Report