Order your field signs now!

If you haven't already done so, place an order for some of our free farm footpath signs now and share photos of yourself on social with the hashtag #WhatsInMyField .

The NFU has created a suite of new footpath signs that enable farmers to tell people what’s growing, or grazing, in fields.  Visitors can read all about commonly-grown food crops or the farm animals they see, scanning a QR code on the sign with their smartphone to learn more.farmsignrobyngibbonslandscapewheatcrouching_79698farmsignsjuliangibbonsbarleylscapebest_79696

There are signs that are appropriate for use on footpaths beside wildlife-rich field margins, crops of wheat and barley, and fields of sheep or cattle.farmsigncloseup biodiversity_79694

Follow this link to order yours today.