Operation Stack and farming - NFU statement

Following feedback from members, the NFU has issued the statement below.

Lorry on country road_275_243Operation Stack is a traffic-management tactic in which up to 5,000 lorries are parked - or stacked - on the M20 in Kent during disruption to Eurotunnel services from Folkestone or ferries from Dover.

NFU comment

NFU farm safety and transport adviser Tom Price said: “We are starting to hear concerns from some farmers and growers that their harvest work is being hampered by knock-onproblems caused by Operation Stack.

“We are currently assessing the impact that Operation Stack is having on the harvest work and how it may impact on other sectors of agriculture. We will offer support to our members where necessary. This is one of the busiest times of the year for many farmers and it is vital that they are able to carry out vital harvest work while the weather holds.

“In the meantime, we appreciate that the government has relaxed tachograph rules – with restrictions – which may offer some support to our members, but only those who operate commercial vehicles under tachograph rules from a base within the Kent area.”

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