Payment for maize undersown with grass

Payments for maize undersown with grass/ grass cover crops - Sussex Ouse, Cuckmere and Waller’s Haven

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Catchment Sensitive Farming continues to work to find solutions for the high sediment and phosphate levels in watercourses. Keeping soils covered and reducing disturbance to soil helps to keep soils and nutrients in the field. Therefore, CSF is offering payments to Sussex farmers for the planting of grass under, or after, forage maize grown in the River Ouse, River Cuckmere and Waller’s Haven catchments.

The offers that have been developed - and are available if you are growing maize in this area - result in farmer payments for:

  1. Inter-row grass drilling during maize establishment
  2. Inter-row grass drilling after maize establishment
  3. Early grass cover crop
  4. Direct drilling or strip tillage of maize
  1. Offer



Rate £/ha

Inter-row grass at establishment

Inter-row sowing of grass with maize

Establish a grass crop by drilling at the same time as the maize. Retain grass cover until March 1st. Light grazing may be carried out if grass growth is good.


Inter-row Grass post establishment

Inter-row sowing of grass in Maize

Establish a grass crop by inter-row sowing in the established maize crop at a rate of 20kg/ha (8kg/ac). The grass should be drilled into the maize crop (after the last herbicide application has gone on) at around the 6-7 leaf stage (around mid-June). Retain grass cover until March 1st. Light grazing may be carried out if grass growth is good.


Early Grass

Sow IRG early after maize harvest

Establish an early variety of maize and harvest it by 1st of October. Establish a grass (Italian Rye Grass) cover crop by 15th October at a rate of 37kg/ha (15kg/ac). Retain grass cover until 1 March. Light grazing may be carried out if grass growth is good.


Strip Till / direct drill

Establishment method

Strip till using own equipment or contractor.

*This offer can be used in combination with any of the above offers


Maize Charter visit from  Maize Growers  Association

Visit to assess and advise on site and variety suitability, post-harvest management and nutrient management, with summary report.

Details to be confirmed.


In addition to the management payments, the Project will also provide risk mapping and analysis for soils on your holding that can be used for farm assurance. There is no minimum area, and you can sign up for a single growing season.  Offers can be combined where appropriate (you may direct drill or strip till the maize and then plant grass according to one of the payment rates, and combine the two).

The benefits are multiple - to both your farm and the local environment:

  • Retention of soil and nutrients
  • Building of soil fertility and organic matter
  • Additional winter/spring grazing
  • Qualifies as EFA – Ecological Focus Area
  • Compliance with Rule 6 of The New Farming Rules for Water

Why not try a few hectares?

To express an interest

The offers will be administered by Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Officers, Shai Gilad and Anne Blokhus, who will provide the offer letter with full terms and conditions.

Please contact by March 20 Catchment Sensitive Farming OfficersAnne BlokhusCatchment Sensitive Farming OfficerM: 07342 050160E: <span class=YW5uZS5ibG9raHVzQG5hdHVyYWxlbmdsYW5kLm9yZy51aw==" border="0" height="86" hspace="12" src="file:///C:/Users/IBRETH~1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.gif" vspace="5" width="318" />

Shai Gilad

Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer           

M: 07500 953669                                           

E: c2hhaS5naWxhZEBuYXR1cmFsZW5nbGFuZC5vcmcudWs=

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