Portsmouth Water - farm grants

Portsmouth Water - grants for farmers and landowners 2020/2025 - biodiversity grant scheme and water quality measures

Portsmouth Water is offering a biodiversity grant scheme from 2020/2025 for environmental improvements withinThe Downs and Harbours Clean Water Partnership area, helping protected/valuable habitats and wildlife.

Here Portsmouth Water works with Natural England and the Environment Agency to maintain and, where possible, enhance the area’s biodiversity.

The company is offering two kinds of grants, within a very short application window that is open between 1 June and Friday 30 July.

There is a small grant scheme up to the value of £1,000 and a large grant scheme up £10,000, with a total value of £50,000 each year for five years.

For details of see The Downs & Harbours Clean Water Partnership website: https://www.cleanwaterpartnership.co.uk/biodiversity

For further queries/ discussion e: Y2F0Y2htZW50Lm1hbmFnZW1lbnRAcG9ydHNtb3V0aHdhdGVyLmNvLnVr

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Portsmouth Water also has grants for farmers and landowners geared to water quality and reducing nutrient losses.

The company is undertaking catchment management in response to a need to tackle rising nitrate levels affecting groundwater abstracted for public water supply. Water companies are work with various land uses including farmers and landowners to reduce the risks to water quality at public water supply sources. Portsmouth Water has two main grant schemes to support farmers and land managers to reduce the risk of excessive nutrient losses. Funding is available until March 2025 for grants of up to £10,000 per holding per financial year to high priority holdings located in Portsmouth Water’s groundwater catchments.

Under the Nitrate Intervention Scheme there is grants available for land use and/or land management measures that reduce the losses of valuable nutrients and improve farming efficiency. This includes cover cropping, fallow options, soil testing and nutrient planning support. The Capital Grant Scheme is aimed at supporting farmers (and other land managers) in sensitive areas, by part funding capital items that reduce the risk of nitrate (and other) losses to groundwater. Funding is available to support a range of capital items, up to 50% of the costs, this includes grants for precision farming equipment, specialist drills and pesticide handling areas. Farmers and land managers can also suggest alternative capital items for reducing nitrate pollution risk. For further information on these grant scheme please visit the Clean Water Partnership website at https://www.cleanwaterpartnership.co.uk/r

To check your eligibility & register…

Please contact Beth Fairley (Portsmouth Water’s Catchment Officer), contact details below:

Phone:  07872 108992

 Email: QmV0aGFueS5GYWlybGV5QHBvcnRzbW91dGh3YXRlci5jby51aw==

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