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West Sussex MPs have been getting behind the wheel of combine harvesters during harvest this summer as part of the NFU’s #YourHarvest campaign.

#YourHarvest celebrates the contribution the arable sector makes to the nation's economy, food supply and environment. It has mobilised farmers to highlight the importance of their farming sector to MPs and other decision-makers throughout harvest 2018 and beyond.

Last Friday July 27, three West Sussex MPs climbed up onto combines with host farmers to support the NFU’s  #YourHarvest campaign:- Tim Loughton MP (East Worthing & Shoreham), Jeremy Quin MP (Horsham) and Nick Herbert MP (Arundel & South Downs). Farmers highlighted their part in producing millions of tonnes of grain and gave MPs a guide explaining how the arable sector provides the raw materials for the UK's £112bn food and drinks industry and performs a vital environmental role.

West Sussex NFU chair Caroline Harriott said: “While combines are very visible working in fields at this time of year, as farmers, we need to explain to decision-makers and consumers what we do with these high-tech machines and how it relates to the food that ends up on people’s plates.”Caroline Harriott and Tim Loughton MP_56468

Farmers in West Sussex annually produce enough wheat for 168 million loaves of bread, malting barley for 491 million pints of beer, oats for 110,000 bowls of porridge and enough rapeseed for 4.1 million litres of vegetable oil.

David Exwood and Jeremy Quin MP Horsham harvesting_56469Other MPs have pledged to get out on farm as harvest progresses. British farmers harvest more than 20t of grain annually. Each year, some 11m tonnes are used to produce animal feed which then produces 25bn litres of milk, 10.5bn eggs, 1bn chickens and 10m pigs. Some 11m tonnes of bread are produced daily - made from 85% British wheat.

Caroline Harriott added: “Besides showcasing harvest, farmers demonstrated their care of our iconic British countryside. Arable farmers have embraced integrated approaches to controlling pests and diseases, planting hedgerows and putting in thousands of acres of conservation areas on farms.”

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