Regenerative Agriculture Probe

Winter turnip rape cover crop_27399

West Sussex organic dairy farmer Dan Burdett and Nuffield Scholar 2019 has published his report entitled Regenerative Agriculture: Making the Change Happen. His study was sponsored by McDonald’s UK & Ireland.

“For many farmers who wish to change their system to reflect regenerative agriculture, there is no shortage of information that can be accessed on-line, in books or in person,” Dan states. “Change in itself can be filled with challenges for a human race that feel more comfortable to follow the crowd. This report aimed to reveal why farmers became involved with regenerative agriculture, the issues they faced and how they were overcome.”

“For all the passion and desire for change, farmers still have to be able to stand apart from the crowd and be able to continue, despite the negative attention of those around them which can often lead to feelings of isolation. Central to overcoming the majority of these issues the farmer needs to understand their purpose and to put this at the centre of their decision making.”

“It is also imperative that pioneering farmers are put at the heart of research and that their findings are disseminated through appropriate channels: by doing so it will be farmers that are kept at the heart of regenerative agriculture.”

The report is available online at or can be downloaded directly at