TB visits resumed

Bill Mellor's pedigree Simmental cattle_37330

Following the Government’s update on the coronavirus restrictions, the TB Advisory Service (TBAS) has decided to resume on-farm visits.

“We believe we can offer invaluable practical advice which is fundamental to battling TB. We are happy we can maintain social distancing on farms If you would like a visit and it is safe for us to do so (no one in the family is self-isolating) please contact us,” said Sarah Tomlinson, technical director for the TBAS.

“We can discuss TB risks and what individuals can do to reduce those risks on their own holding, from badgers and other cattle. We can also discuss what parts of government policy are suitable to help reduce the impacts TB has on a farm business.”

Contact the TBAS on 01306 779410, email [email protected] or visit www.tbas.org.uk.

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