Tractor-jacking warning for farmers

After a farmer fell victim to an attempted tractor-jacking, the NFU Mutual has issued advice for farmers on how to stay secure.

CCTV camera_275_182The Shropshire farmer was tricked into thinking that a man in a lay by was suffering from a heart attack, as he stopped to offer assistance another man jumped from a hedge and tried to make away with the tractor. Luckily the farmer was quick to realise and drove away from the pair. Worth around £70,000, the attempted theft was a close call.

The NFU Mutual has developed a farm security checklist for farmers to ensure they remain as secure and safe as possible.

Check out the farm security checklist here.

Farmers are also advised to install Datatag and CESAR marking systems. If machinery is stolen TRACKER will improve the likelihood of the machine being recovered. All of these systems are discounted for NFU members.

Tim Price, NFU Mutual rural affairs specialist, said: “It’s a good idea to get into the habit of taking the keys out of tractors every time you get off as insurers do require farmers to take reasonable steps to prevent theft. However, I think most insurers wouldn’t come down hard on someone who had got off a tractor to help someone who appeared to be ill.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of this sort of distraction technique – but today’s thieves will go to extraordinary lengths to steal tractors – so it’s not entirely surprising.”

Farm security checklist:

  • Remove keys and secure cars, tractors, and other vehicles when unattended
  • Keep gates to farm yards closed whenever possible
  • Fit CESAR marking systems and immobilizers to tractors
  • Use security lighting in yards and drives  
  • Have the Vehicle Identification Number etched on vehicle windows
  • Consider tracking devices for more expensive machines/cars
  • Physically secure ATVs using suitable locking devices or heavy duty security chain and padlocks
  • Record machinery serial numbers


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