Food security fringe event coverage

Globe in ladle, food securityRichard Reeves, NFU North West Crops Board Chairman, was just one of the panelists at the New Statesman and Crop Protection Association fringe event which took place today from 12noon to 1pm in Manchester.

Titled 'Is food security in danger unless we change our attitudes to technology and innovation?', the event explored whether attitudes to technology and innovation were helping or hindering our long-term food security.

The panel were:

  • Jon Bernstein - chair - former deputy editor of the New Statesman
  • Vicki Hird - Senior Campaigner, Friends of the Earth
  • Huw Irranca-Davies MP - Shadow Minister for Food and Farming
  • Melanie Leech - Director General, FDF
  • Richard Reeves - Chairman NFU North West Crops Board
  • Nick von Westenholz - Chief Executive, Crop Protection Association

Here are the key tweets:

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