Give us your views on the planning system ahead of national reform

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Why should I take part in this survey?

Our aim is to ensure your views are clear when the NFU presents evidence to the upcoming government consultation on the national reform of the planning system and for local planning authorities seeking to meet that challenge. We would also welcome responses from our NFU Cymru members.

Please share your thoughts, so the NFU can make recommendations on how the planning system could work better to support farmers through the agricultural transition.

Who should take part?

We'd like to hear from you if:

  • You have an interest in the planning system
  • You have an involvement in planning for farm businesses
  • You have made an application in the last three years
  • You're thinking of making an application
  • You want to provide any other feedback to national government and local authorities

How long will the survey run?

The survey is due to close on 10 September.

How long will it take to complete?

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete; less if you do not want to tell us about previous applications.

Why does the NFU need to know about farmers' experience of the planning system?

This survey will provide an update on the results received from our 2017 NFU Member Planning Survey and provide evidence for the upcoming government consultation on the national reform of the planning system. The NFU wants to give farmers a voice in an often crowded planning system.

Three years ago, members expressed concerns that some local authorities do not understand or value farming. We need to update that picture and understand more recent challenges, including the impacts of local authority funding cuts and how local authorities can provide wider support to farming and rural communities. Please take the opportunity to comment if you can.

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