Blog: Make them laugh, make them smile and teach them about farming

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LTF roadshow with Johnny Ball 2015_275_183Johnny Ball tells thousands of children where their food come from each year through the NFU’s Let’s Talk Farming Roadshow. He is passionate about sharing the story of British farming with young people across England and Wales.

He writes:

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It's vital that we tell kids about what we do because they are the next generation of consumers who will decide if they want to buy British or not.

We tell the story of food and farming in a unique way. I firmly believe that humour is essential – if I don’t make people laugh then they won’t remember the things I’ve told them.

We show the different crops grown by British farmers and explain how they are turned into everyday food. On stage entertainment abounds. People are stunned when I tell them about the variety of work farmers do and the techniques they use.

When we get families and school groups visiting the stand it’s amazing how often kids know more about farming than their parents or teachers! On one hand it is good that children already know much about our trade, but on the other hand I’m surprised when adults appear to know so little.

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It’s amazing how often kids know more about farming than their parents or teachers

Recently, at the Bath and West Show, a woman pointed out that our wooden “milking cow” (which kids can “milk” on the stand) was actually producing water. I told her that it had been specially designed that way as water was being sold for higher prices than milk right now. The comment was made as a joke but you know what they say about true words being said in jest.

The roadshow has dozens more places to visit this year so check out the show schedule on the NFU website and come and say hello. There’s a good chance you’ll see me – I’m on the road for more than 100 days every year!

See you soon, somewhere!