Licencing for the movement of livestock in AI zones

These restrictions are not limited to poultry and poultry products.

If your farm has non-commercial poultry on it, even if it is just a few chickens in the backyard, then you will need to obtain a licence to move any livestock off the farm. This is because mammals have the ability to spread avian influenza.

This movement restriction only applies to livestock; cattle, sheep and pigs and does not include animal products, so milk, for example, may still be collected. In addition, movement restrictions do not apply to carcass collection. If you do not have any poultry on your farm then restrictions do not apply, however, if there are poultry at the destination farm then you will still need to apply for a movement licence.

Find out if you are in a zone on Defra’s interactive map.

If your farm is within a zone, you have poultry and you need to move livestock, then you should contact the APHA office at Worcester, who will be able to give you guidance as to the licence that you may require.

Find more information on licencing on Defra’s website.

APHA Worcester: 03000 200 301 or email: b3V0YnJlYWsubGljZW5zaW5nQGFwaGEuZ3NpLmdvdi51aw==