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NFU Council

NFU Council meets quarterly at our Stoneleigh headquarters in Warwickshire to discuss the future direction of the organisation's work:

council button - agenda_200_217council button - members_200_217council button - resolutions_200_215

Our officeholders

Officeholders at NFU Conference 2014_275_185NFU President: Meurig Raymond
NFU Deputy President: Minette Batters
NFU Vice President: Guy Smith

- Who does what? Officeholder responsibilities
- Where are they this week? Diaries

The Current Situation

Farmer looking at cowsOne of the key documents presented to each council meeting is Current Situation - our run-down of the top issues and policy developments. It covers the top news from all the sectors, the environmental and economic developments which affect all farmers and the latest UK and EU regulation. Latest CS: June 2015 - contains more than 230 NFU issues. Read it here.

How the NFU Works - Our Democratic Structure

NFU democratic structure_275_211

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We also have national boards for each farming sector, and regional boards covering procedings in your part of the world. The links below should help you to find the information you are looking for.


From your part of the world...



Combine Harvester in Suffolk_275_197
Arable crops
Cows in field_275_183Dairy Sheep farming on dartmoorLivestock
New potatoesHorticulture and potatoes Brown Chicken_275_240Poultry sugar beets_275_182Sugar

Our Policy Board

hand and cog graphic, ideas, policy board_275_211Our Policy Board meets regularly to determine NFU policy on issues that affect all sectors. Read minutes of recent meetings here.

NFU Environment Forum

River landscape_275_196

Our NFU Environment Forum meets regularly to discuss environmental issues which affect farmers. Meet the members of the Forum and read the latest minutes and agenda here.

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