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Red Tractor

Red Tractor logoThe NFU continues to work closely with Assured Food Standards to provide support and promotion for the Red Tractor logo.

Packaging and labelling can be tricky so it is important to know what to look out for when shopping for British food. Take a look at our Shopper's Guide for valuable tips about reading labels or read on below for more about the Red Tractor logo.

butter red tractor label info_500_500The Red Tractor logo now appears on around £12 billion worth of food and drink. The quality standards cover the breadth of the supply chain - from farm to pack. They cover food safety and hygiene, animal welfare, environmental protection as well as traceability at every critical link in the supply chain.

The flag in the logo also guarantees the origin of the food so when you see the Union Flag you can be sure the product has come from UK farms.

Find out reasons why and how you should Back British Farming.

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