NFU's dog walking poster shared in 18,000 copies of Vet Record

Composite image of dog walking posters and social images

The NFU has created a new dog walking poster which has been published in Vet Record, the official journal of the British Veterinary Association that is sent to 18,000 vet professionals across the country.

The poster, created in partnership with the Kennel Club, is intended to be displayed in veterinary waiting rooms and promotes responsible dog walking in the countryside.

Vet Record advert

The poster is part of a number of resources that the NFU and Kennel Club have created to help educate the public about issues such as livestock worrying, cleaning up dog mess and advice on staying safe around cattle and calves.

These resources were first promoted on the NFU's social media accounts over the May bank holiday at a time when many people were starting to get out in the countryside. A new video explaining 11 things you need to know about walking in the countryside also promotes the Countryside Code.

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