Science Farm

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Science Farm is a range of Science lesson plans and activities to teach Key Stage 1 children about food and farming whilst also meeting the needs of the Key Stage 1 Science programme of study. Join us on farm with our intrepid explorers from local primary schools in the stimulus video and then complete fun packed practical tasks to raise scientific knowledge and understanding.

Hedgerow Habitat Heroes

Join three of our intrepid explorers from Wombridge Primary School and Farmer Rob as they investigate the habitat of the hedgerow. Investigate the types of creature that live in this vital part of the farm and the amazing jobs that they do. Plan your own bug hunt and learn to classify animals, plants and insects.

Life Cycles

Spring has sprung on the farm. Join us as we tour Upper Walton Farm during lambing season. We find out all about the life cycles of some of the animals on the farm. Use our life cycles cards to think about how it all fits together and test your baby animal knowledge with our Baby Baby Baby quiz.

Farm Sensory Adventure

The farm is absolutely crammed with opportunities to explore using the five senses. Join our presenting team on Woolas Grange Farm to investigate using their senses and then create your own sensory trail using our lesson plan, recording templates and station ideas. A fantastic practical science lesson loved by learners.

Food Chains

From farm to fork, the perfect example of a food chain. Students from St Barnabas Primary explain the food chain of the day’s school dinner. Put your new found food chain knowledge into action with paper chains, animal masks and a whizzy quiz.

Carrot Diary

It’s all grow! Use this handy resource pack to watch three of our intrepid explorers visit a carrot farm to discover what plants need to grow. Then plant your own carrots and record their growth using our fantastic carrot diary.