Revised slurry guidance

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HSE have revised their guidance on managing slurry on farms. The guidance combines advice about slurry gases and preventing child access into a single document that replaces previous guidance.

Incidents involving slurry occur regularly on farms in Great Britain. These incidents include people, not just farmers, being overcome by toxic gases, drowning as a result of a fall into slurry or liquid stores, or being injured from the collapse of structures containing slurry. This revised information sheet gives guidance on the precautions required to prevent these incidents, including practical advice on:

  • avoiding exposure to slurry gases
  • standards of fencing etc needed to deter access by unauthorised people – particularly children – into areas used for storing slurry, other effluent, or water on farms
  • preventing vehicles entering slurry storage areas at scraping points
  • assessing the structural integrity of above-ground slurry storage facilities.

The guidance can be found here

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