Nigel Laws

National Network Manager

“For us, it’s not just a job, we really believe our work can and it’s making a difference.”

I work in the membership department and lead the strategic development of the NFU’s local group office network, working closely with the marketing team and providing management support to regional directors and county advisers. A key part of my role is working with the NFU Mutual and I get involved in the recruitment, training and development of group secretaries.

My father was a farmer, I remember as a result of the NFU’s support, the local farming community made a stand against an institutional landlord and achieved a significant outcome. Since then, I knew I wanted to work for the organisation. I have been supported moving through the ranks for 34 years, from starting as a group secretary to taking on more policy and management work via roles within the membership team. I have been provided with training to build on my skills and experience and was encouraged by my managers to pursue the route I wanted to take. Throughout my career, I have received recognition within the organisation and always feel that my role is adding significant value to members, which is very motivational for me.

The organisation respects my choice to stay close to my family, despite opportunities coming up to be based at HQ, for example. I have never felt penalised for this and the NFU has supported me through good times and bad. I believe in seeing a job through and sometimes that will mean working outside of regular hours. The NFU has always been supportive to me, if I have a difficulty or situation to deal with and need some flexibility.

I enjoy working across teams, with different types of people, and seeing colleagues developing and flourishing is really rewarding. I’ve been at the NFU through several crises affecting the industry, as well as good times, so my work has been very varied. Colleagues are always looking out for each other, particularly through challenging times. Working with people who are so passionate about what the NFU stands for is great. For us all, it’s not just a job, we really believe our work can and is making a difference.