EA issues guidance for pullet rearers

The Environmental Agency has issued guidance to pullet rearers indicating that poultry sites with places for more than 40,000 birds require an environmental permit from the Environment Agency in order to operate legally. In the letter they say that it has come to light that in a number of prosecution cases that companies have supplied more than 40,000 birds to poultry sites that did not have a permit.

Companies supplying more than 40,000 birds to an unpermitted site could be committing an offence under Regulation 38(1)(b) of the above legislation of knowingly causing the operation of a regulated facility without a permit. ‘Birds’ includes chicks, or pullets, or both. Similarly companies supplying more birds than allowed under a permit could be committing an offence.

To read a copy of the letter please click on the related document links.



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