New calculator available to help permitted farmers

Laptop Keyboard_13160Pig and poultry farmers will soon be able to demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules, using two new, simple calculators, free of charge.

The calculators have been developed by feed advisers, Mick Hazzledine and Dr Mark Malpass.

Testing indicates that current levels of feeding and performance should enable farmers to comply with the nutrient excreta levels required under environmental permitting and these new calculators will help farmers determine the levels of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) being excreted by animals on their farms.

Indoor pig keepers with more than 2,000 finishing pig places (above 30 kg) or 750 sow places (including served gilts); and poultry keepers with more than 40,000 poultry places at a site, are required to obtain a permit from the Environment Agency (EA). These permitted sites must adopt minimum standards of management practice and Best Available Techniques for their production processes to minimise emissions.

The calculators will simplify the completion of the associated paperwork and are now ready for trial, to access them, email: UG9yay5FbnZpcm9ubWVudEBhaGRiLm9yZy51aw==

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