Growers and beekeepers views' needed to help assess bee health

Honey Bees on hive

The NFU is encouraging growers and beekeepers to make their views known on the health of bees.

PoshBee is an EU-funded H2020 project (previously featured on NFUonline here) of which the NFU is a formal project partner. Grower input is needed in order to develop a new tool that gives an overview of the health status of beehives.

The tool will give a rapid insight into the health of the colony with the project involving eight countries: the UK, Ireland, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Beekeepers will be assisted with an early identification of beehive issues (such as pesticide exposure, diseases and malnutrition), while growers will be provided with information on adopting better farm management systems and more reliable honeybee pollination services.

Beekeepers and growers are key to understanding motivations as well as barriers to the use of the new tool and contributions will help to identify and tackle potential issues, refine the tool and ensure it will be widely used.

PoshBee have prepared one survey for beekeepers and another for growers that work in one of the 8 countries involved. By completing the surveys you can help investigate incentives and barriers to the use of the new tool. 

Surveys are open till the end of the year, are completely anonymous and take 10-15 minutes to complete:

For more information, please contact Elena Cini on email: ZS5jaW5pQHBnci5yZWFkaW5nLmFjLnVr

Find out more about PoshBee here.

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