MEPs pass motion on pollinators

A bee fly drinking nectar_64908

At the end of December, in the last plenary of 2019, MEPs passed a non-binding resolution on bees and other pollinators, calling for an update to the 2018 EU Pollinators Initiative to include a full ban on the sale, production and use of neonicotinoids across the EU and to create targets for reducing the use of bee-harming pesticides in the CAP. The resolution calls on the European Commission to publish a detailed Action Programme with resources and targeted measures to protect pollinators, with mandatory reduction targets on plant protection products to be included in the revised Sustainable use of Pesticides Directive.

While the Parliament said that it supports the Pollinators Initiative, it feels that it does not protect bees and other pollinators from some major causes of their decline, including pesticides and “intensive farming”. While this resolution is non-binding and therefore no legislative action is expected as a result, it is a clear indicator of the direction of travel and strength of feeling on this issues within the Parliament.

You can find out more about the impact of neonicotinoids on bees and pollinators here

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