COP24: A farmer-driven climate change agenda

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The NFU's climate change adviser Ceris Jones reports from the UN conference in Katowice, Poland on a new campaign to strengthen the voice of world agriculture in the ongoing climate negotiations.

She writes:

On Wednesday 5 December, designated Farmers Day at COP24, the World Farmers' Organisation (WFO) launched its Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda, designed to enhance the position of farmers in the global political discussion around climate change.

The reason

Farmers worldwide have a critical role to play in the sustainability of the planet, and they want to have their say in the decision-making process. Too often, others have spoken on their behalf. In this agenda, farmers take the lead, proposing solutions that are farmer-driven, science-based and result-oriented.

The approach

This is a completely different approach – a truly bottom-up process – that gives farmers a leading role. And this is just the start of the process. Over the next year, members of the WFO in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania will be meeting to discuss their agendas. These will be measures, investment needs and policy requirements to improve productivity, reduce their GHG footprint and better manage climate volatility. Watch this space!

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