The NFU at #COP21: Day 5 - 'There's only one rule in agriculture - Mother Nature wins'

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On Friday, the combined might of the FNSEA, COPA-COGECA and the WFO bought the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, to their joint conference putting agriculture at the heart of the climate debate in the centre of Paris.

Prime Minister Valls was clear about the decisive role which agriculture could play, reinforcing EU Commissioner Phil Hogan’s earlier message of agriculture nourishing the world. “We are here to save our planet”, he declared. “All the world’s eyes are on Paris.”

NFU President Meurig Raymond and European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan were of the same mind on research and development being critical to future food security. And the farmers – from Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Malawi, Zambia and France - were united behind Meurig’s message of the need for profitability to give farmers the confidence to invest in an uncertain future. Such unity is a real strength – it sends a clear message to the world’s governments.

When Don McCabe, President of the Canadian Farmers Association said “there’s only rule in agriculture – Mother Nature wins” it reminded me why it’s so important that farmers tell their stories here in Paris and let the world know what they need to keep feeding a growing global population as the climate changes. 

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